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Friday, December 17, 2010

Darkness in the Light of The Way - ( Part 2 )

 After what seemed like forever in the cave, alone and powerless, I finally put decided it was time to go beyond the cave, search for other things I would find new to me. I never knew the time while I was in the cave but once I found the opening it was bright and blinding. My vision was so use to very little light. I shielded my eyes as I stumbled out of the cave.

 Once my eyesight came back to normal I started exploring the area. Each outing going farther away. I would always go back to the cave, it was becoming the only place familiar to me in my new world as a human. I hated that. The pain of knowing my past. Having taken free will and allowed it to destroy what I was created to be. But the pain pushed me on. I wanted to find a way to the gods, I may have been human but I would at least die battle after killing Tesy's slayer.

 After wondering around for weeks, exploring more land and finding towns my will to live and carry on slowly started to fade. I realized I was useless, I was nothing. I knew of nothing, couldn't hunt, fight, work or any thing. I watched kids in villages and learned how to steal so I was able to feed my self. It was the best I could do. I lived off of cave water and stolen bread.

 One day I was out and made the mistake of walking into an old city I knew nothing of. The people were new to be, as was the food and language. I felt lost. Every one looked at me as though they saw me for who I was and wanted to punish me for it. Fear seized my throat as I realized I had some one following me. The sensation tingled down my spin.

 I quickened my pace, hoping the follower would go in another direction, but they never did. By the foot falls I knew it was a male, that had my human heart pumping faster. I may have not known much about humans but I knew some of the things they did. After awhile my pace was up to a jog, so was the followers. Every one around looked but continued on with their business. I turned a corner, hoping it will lead me away from the town.

 As I ran down the ally, it was getting darker. With the sun setting I was unable to see my way down the ally. I had no idea where it ended or if there was a turn off. My feet pounding against the ground, and hearing the echo of heavier steps still following me. Panic was high as I tried to run away. But as my luck had it, I ran right into a wall, the end of the ally. A dark ally with no way out and some one large following me.

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