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Friday, December 17, 2010

Darkness in the Light of The Way - ( Part 3 )

 After running in to the end of the ally head on, I was slightly disoriented. I remember sliding down the wall thinking I was dreaming because of the blackness fading in to my view. After a moment and I was able to see clearly again through the darkness, I realized I was not dreaming, I was cornered in a dark alley by a strange man, huge, almost twice my size or more.

 He had a crazy look in his eyes as he crouched so he could stoke my cheek as he held a horrible grin on his face. He was mumbling something but I could only hear the ringing in my ears. I tried pushing him away, but he seemed to enjoy that more. Laughing as I weakly struggled against him and he started to strip me, telling me no matter what I do, he will have his own way.

 I was freaking out, not knowing what to do. I fault his forced sexual attempts, which only angered him. He seemed to go crazy then, only wanting to kill me and nothing more. His fist pounding against me, feet kicking me, all the while he laughed in his cocky way and pulling out a blade. After what seemed like forever from his attacked on my body, wounding me horribly, I was able to crawl past him.

 I climbed to my feet and ran as fast as I could away from him and the city. Never wanting to return there again. I made my way back to the cave in dire pain and wounded beyond repair. I was expecting my death because I have never had pains so horrible and bad. I laid against the cold wall of the cave with my blood pooling on the floor under me.

 I was thinking about what comes after death. Angry I would never have my revenge for Tesy's death. I sat there shivering from being stripped and the cold cave. I was unable to move from the blood loss, pain and on the edge of unconsciousness, when I saw a man instantly appear before me. The air around him inhuman but a sense of deadly power kept in a cage waiting to get free.

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Darkness in the Light of The Way - ( Part 2 )

 After what seemed like forever in the cave, alone and powerless, I finally put decided it was time to go beyond the cave, search for other things I would find new to me. I never knew the time while I was in the cave but once I found the opening it was bright and blinding. My vision was so use to very little light. I shielded my eyes as I stumbled out of the cave.

 Once my eyesight came back to normal I started exploring the area. Each outing going farther away. I would always go back to the cave, it was becoming the only place familiar to me in my new world as a human. I hated that. The pain of knowing my past. Having taken free will and allowed it to destroy what I was created to be. But the pain pushed me on. I wanted to find a way to the gods, I may have been human but I would at least die battle after killing Tesy's slayer.

 After wondering around for weeks, exploring more land and finding towns my will to live and carry on slowly started to fade. I realized I was useless, I was nothing. I knew of nothing, couldn't hunt, fight, work or any thing. I watched kids in villages and learned how to steal so I was able to feed my self. It was the best I could do. I lived off of cave water and stolen bread.

 One day I was out and made the mistake of walking into an old city I knew nothing of. The people were new to be, as was the food and language. I felt lost. Every one looked at me as though they saw me for who I was and wanted to punish me for it. Fear seized my throat as I realized I had some one following me. The sensation tingled down my spin.

 I quickened my pace, hoping the follower would go in another direction, but they never did. By the foot falls I knew it was a male, that had my human heart pumping faster. I may have not known much about humans but I knew some of the things they did. After awhile my pace was up to a jog, so was the followers. Every one around looked but continued on with their business. I turned a corner, hoping it will lead me away from the town.

 As I ran down the ally, it was getting darker. With the sun setting I was unable to see my way down the ally. I had no idea where it ended or if there was a turn off. My feet pounding against the ground, and hearing the echo of heavier steps still following me. Panic was high as I tried to run away. But as my luck had it, I ran right into a wall, the end of the ally. A dark ally with no way out and some one large following me.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Darkness in the Light of The Way - ( Part 1 )

 I awoken in a cave in the Middle Realm, or as others will call it, Earth. The cave I was in seemed to have never been touched by human hands. I didnt know the name of the cave. From what I have learned is, it is now called Cueva del Fantasma, "The cave of the ghost", somewhere in Venezuela.

 I could understand why it had its name. There was this ghostly feeling to it. There were sounds I couldnt find the source of. Though I couldnt see a way out, I would feel hot and cold air brush against my skin. Shadows slightly moved around with out light. I was sure I was not alone, their was some one else here.

 I turned my head to look around. My head pounding like my heart was moved to my skull, body aching with a pain I have never known in my existence. I tried to push my self up from the cold wet ground, barely having the strength to do so. I was only able to prop my self up on one arm. I tried to use my powers to take me back to the throne room but my powers no longer worked.

 I laid back against the floor, crying silently. With out my powers I was nothing, was not a warrior, was not even an angel. I fell from the Higher Realm. At that point I hated myself for my mistakes. I should never have accepted free will, nor should I have allowed myself to get close to Tesy and her family.

 I stayed in the cave for days not knowing what to do feeling broken with out Tesy and my powers. Even while my body healed at a slower rate then I was used to I was thinking of ways to live in the human world, I knew nothing of their kind.

 After a week or so I started moving around more. I was able to move my legs and arms again. Standing myself I went and searched for water, needing to wash the blood off from the battle with the gods. I needed to find a way back to the gods, the fight was not over. They may have left me to die, but without them dying by my side I will live. I waited for the day to return to them.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Rise and Fall of the Warrior Angels of the Light - (Final - Part 7)

 The goddess charged me, her sword aiming for my heart, I side stepped her lunge. I heard movement behind me, could feel the flow of air causing my hair to blow before I ducked. The blade behind me trying to behead me as I dodged the goddesses swings, I was unable to prevent the blow before it could slice into my shoulder. I snarled at the goddess before giving my own blow, feeling the blade slice cleanly through the bones of her arms. I spun around as she half stumbled, half walked, away from me screaming.

 I swung out at the other sword holder, only to graze the skin of his stomach. I could sense more movement around me, others were joining in. Anger pulsed through my body, pushing me harder to fight. I swung again, hard and fast, the metal hitting marble echoed once the sword holder was taken down. I turned to the side where the closest fighter was, I slashed out at him, he stepped back causing me to only slice through the muscle in his forearm.

 I took a step back, waiting for him to attack again, more movement behind me, I stabbed with the sword behind me catching some one in their ribs. The man with the gash in his muscle retreated as a few others did also. The one I stabbed behind me toppled to the side. I glanced down at the person, it was another Warrior, one who was against free will. I gave him a sad smile as the light dimmed from his eyes and he fell limp.

I could he mumbling and shuffling of feet as many left, many mumbling of not understanding what is happening others about who killed Tesy. I turned around in a circle to see who I still had to face. I saw the god who made the order for Tesy's death. Briefly closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, I let it out then charged at the god as I yelled in anger. At that moment every one knew who caused this altercation. Gasps and whispers were heard as I sunk the blade of my katana deep into the gods heart.

 "This is just for the death of an innocent girl, may the devil have no mercy on you." I removed my sword from his heart and waited for him to fall to the floor before I beheaded him.

 I stepped away from the dead body, looked around at the bloodied throne room, looked into the eyes of the others. I may have revenged Tesy's death, saved the other gods and goddesses the trouble of executing the god, but I was still to be punished. I shook my head at them, before turning to leave. I was hoping they would have killed me as I walked away. I had nothing else to live for, all the good was taken from me and the true evil shown to me. I had nowhere to go, nothing belonging to me but the clothes I wore and my katana. I glanced back, they were standing there in shock.

 I was almost out of the throne room before I heard the crackle of power breaking through the air, sensed it sizzle as it neared me, then felt the burning pain of the bold as it entered my shoulder. I took a deep breath, not letting out a sound as I continued to walk on. I felt another hit me, then another. They kept coming at me, before I knew it I was on my hands and knees panting. Eventually I couldn't take no more from the bolts, I fell over on the cold marble. I laid there as my vision faded, the pain increasing with the darkness. I saw movement come closer to me. Then all turned black, there was nothing. No sound, pain, nothing but endless black.

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The Rise and Fall of the Warrior Angels of the Light - (Part 6)

 I slowly walked up to the arched gold doorway, my sword down by my side as I glance around the room and seeing worried, confused looks for all the gods and goddesses I thought I always knew. The ones I'm told created me. All of their eyes leading to me. I wasn't sure what to make out of the situation. My body and mind fueled by pain and anger, I walked deeper into the room.

 I stepped into the middle of the throne room in front of all the gods. I stood there silent, watching and waiting, wondering who will make the first move. After a few moments of cautious silence a goddess stood up slowly as if her back pained her. I have seen this goddess many of times, I knew her fairly well but I still watched her carefully. She glanced around before setting her eyes upon me.

 "My dear child, what has brought you forth?", lifting her chin high and clenching her jaw as she looked down at me. "Why are you not with your charges? They should be protected."

 Not knowing what to make of her questions I stayed silent as I focused in on the fragmented thoughts of her and the others. I could only get make from their minds is they don't believe I understand what has happened. They thought I only ran with Tesy to safe her from people wanting her powers, not from a god who ordered her death. With their thoughts I realized they didn't know why I would be here, other to report in. Smiling to my self as I understood they didn't know of my free will, I was not a threat to them.

 "My charges were savagely killed, My Lady, I tried to save them," I lowered my self on one knee, giving the illusion that i was using my sword to hold my weight. "But I failed. My charges and their family are dead."
 "Do you know who killed them, Warrior?" She asked, squaring her shoulders, pride was drifting from her pores, she believe they were safe from the murders. "Are you here to seek a new charge, or to ask to hunt their executioners?"
 Ignoring her first question I looked up at her, letting the fury show. "I am here to hunt, My Lady. Ever soul involved in their deaths will die by my sword."
 "I will grant you the will to hunt... Only if you know who killed them." She looked around the room, her eyes glittering, believing no harm will come to her.
 "I know who their executioners are, My Lady." I stood slowly.
 Her head snapped back to look at me, her face stern. "Who are they, My child?"
"You. You killed them. All off you" I laughed sadly, crazy is what I thought.

 I readied my stance as I stared back at the goddess, my chin high, just as my sword. I was ready for them. After grinning big at the goddess I looked around at all the others in the room. I knew I would not survive this battle, but I planned to take as many to the Lower realm with me as I could. I faced the standing goddess, she was already holding her sword. I felt the air thicken with power as others manifested their weapons and magic. Licking my suddenly dry lips, I prepared my self to die.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Rise and Fall of the Warrior Angels of the Light - (Part 5)

The blood was fresh, and there was so much of it. The base of the tree and the ground was soaked with blood and she was laying in the biggest puddle of it. All the patches I saw on her skin was her blood from her wounds. She bleed so much. Her skin was a sharp contrast to the darkness of the blood. I whispered her name, hoping for a response. I never got one.

 That's when I realized I was to late. She had already died. If I would have made it to her sooner I could have saved her. She could still be alive. If i never had left her alone nothing would have happened to her. She wouldn't have felt humiliation and pain before her death. I should have protected her better. If I wasn't so worried about keeping her comfortable and focused on keeping her alive, her end wouldn't have came.

 I sank to my knees next to her, cradling her head in my lap, I removed the gag from her mouth. Her skin was already cool to the touch. Who ever killed her must have done it soon after I left the camp. I untied the ropes that held her and pulled off my jacket to cover her. I stayed there, holding her for what felt like eternity as I cried for her to return to me then mourned her death.

Countless times I thought of ways I could have prevented this, but I knew I would have never been able to. I didn't know who killed her but who ever it was raped, beat her and left gaping holes in her body, the highest form of degradation. Who ever killed her was going to die, even if I had to kill hundreds to kill this person, I will have take Tesy's death as a sign of war, a battle I knew I would die trying to win.

 I let her get to close to me, I should have never felt those human emotions, the happiness caused from walking and talking to her. And the pain caused from her death. All because of the kind hearted woman's gift, my life was forever changed. My free will was leading me to death because on that night I went to look for the god who sought to killed her, her innocent sister and their family, I planed to take his life from him.

If I survived i would properly bury Tesy, take her back to her home, and bury her near the flowers she loved. That would be the next day, for that night was going to be of death. I was seeing red as I gathered my energies to take me to the Higher Realm. Walking up the golden steps to the temple I took out my katana and readied my self to fight. Through the doors I could see the throne room was full of the gods and goddesses, I was out numbered, but I continued with my plan.

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The Rise and Fall of the Warrior Angels of the Light - (Part 4)

 Weeks of Tesy and I sleeping under the stars in hidden areas, hiding from the god's men, Tesy started to realize the new changes in her life. She started to see the bad in the world, her eyes opened by pain and horror from her family's tragic slaying.

 I could sense she wanted blood for their deaths while she tried to stay strong, hiding her tears when ever she felt her loss. Each day I watched her grow stronger, she was no longer the innocent girl I once knew. She even asked me a few times to teach her how to fight.

 Every time she asked, I turned her down. I didn't want to see what little light that was left inside of her turned to darkness. She didn't deserve that life. She deserved the life she once had. The hardest thing was accepting I could never give her back that life. I did every thing I could to make her life simple and as it should have been. I would manage to do every thing.

She was who I should serve, so that's what I did, even while we argued that she no longer needed to be treated like a princess. I ignored her protests and continued to comfort her. I knew she deserved better. To have some thing better then living on the run from killers.

 One night after I set camp I went to hunt for food. We were some where in a wooded area close to the edge of open land. On our way to the camp site I made sure a village was near to get any odds and ends that were needed.

 Due to lack of income, I was unable to buy our own meat from a market. I came across some game after less then an hour. On the way back I picked up fire wood and rubbish to use for the fire, stopped at the market in the village to buy Tesy some spirits to take the edge off of her nerves.

 After almost and hour I came back to the camp site. I didn't see Tesy anywhere, I called for her thinking she walked off to find flowers or to use the bathroom. After I set the supplies and game down I continued to call for her. When i got closer to a big oak I could hear this strange muffled sound, then silence.

 I walked around the tree in a large circle, cautious of what i might come across. I found Tesy bound and gagged, stripped of all her clothing. She didn't move to looked up at me, but with the rising moon I could see the tears that were streaming down her cheeks. I stepped closer to her and noticed with the dim light from the moon she had dark patches along her skin. Once I was next to her I could see the patches were blood.

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