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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Rise and Fall of the Warrior Angels of the Light - (Final - Part 7)

 The goddess charged me, her sword aiming for my heart, I side stepped her lunge. I heard movement behind me, could feel the flow of air causing my hair to blow before I ducked. The blade behind me trying to behead me as I dodged the goddesses swings, I was unable to prevent the blow before it could slice into my shoulder. I snarled at the goddess before giving my own blow, feeling the blade slice cleanly through the bones of her arms. I spun around as she half stumbled, half walked, away from me screaming.

 I swung out at the other sword holder, only to graze the skin of his stomach. I could sense more movement around me, others were joining in. Anger pulsed through my body, pushing me harder to fight. I swung again, hard and fast, the metal hitting marble echoed once the sword holder was taken down. I turned to the side where the closest fighter was, I slashed out at him, he stepped back causing me to only slice through the muscle in his forearm.

 I took a step back, waiting for him to attack again, more movement behind me, I stabbed with the sword behind me catching some one in their ribs. The man with the gash in his muscle retreated as a few others did also. The one I stabbed behind me toppled to the side. I glanced down at the person, it was another Warrior, one who was against free will. I gave him a sad smile as the light dimmed from his eyes and he fell limp.

I could he mumbling and shuffling of feet as many left, many mumbling of not understanding what is happening others about who killed Tesy. I turned around in a circle to see who I still had to face. I saw the god who made the order for Tesy's death. Briefly closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, I let it out then charged at the god as I yelled in anger. At that moment every one knew who caused this altercation. Gasps and whispers were heard as I sunk the blade of my katana deep into the gods heart.

 "This is just for the death of an innocent girl, may the devil have no mercy on you." I removed my sword from his heart and waited for him to fall to the floor before I beheaded him.

 I stepped away from the dead body, looked around at the bloodied throne room, looked into the eyes of the others. I may have revenged Tesy's death, saved the other gods and goddesses the trouble of executing the god, but I was still to be punished. I shook my head at them, before turning to leave. I was hoping they would have killed me as I walked away. I had nothing else to live for, all the good was taken from me and the true evil shown to me. I had nowhere to go, nothing belonging to me but the clothes I wore and my katana. I glanced back, they were standing there in shock.

 I was almost out of the throne room before I heard the crackle of power breaking through the air, sensed it sizzle as it neared me, then felt the burning pain of the bold as it entered my shoulder. I took a deep breath, not letting out a sound as I continued to walk on. I felt another hit me, then another. They kept coming at me, before I knew it I was on my hands and knees panting. Eventually I couldn't take no more from the bolts, I fell over on the cold marble. I laid there as my vision faded, the pain increasing with the darkness. I saw movement come closer to me. Then all turned black, there was nothing. No sound, pain, nothing but endless black.

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