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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Rise and Fall of the Warrior Angels of the Light - (Part 2)

 All was well for awhile until I met a girl of about 23, her name was Tesy, I was in charge of protecting her and her sister, Caryste, in the middle realm. Tesy and Caryste were both demi-goddesses coming into their powers, I was helping them adjust to their new abilities and to protect them from those who want break them down then use their powers for their own selfish need.

Tesy and Caryste became a daily change for me, walking in the garden with them, dinning with them, training them,  everything they did each day, they treated me with respect, like i was of their class. I spent many a months with them. Over time they treated me like I was a sister to them. Tesy, though she seemed younger then I, wanted to show me as much of the middle realm as possible while i tried to teach her as much about her powers as possible.

 She told me of the different lands she heard of and wanted to travel to that I have already been to. No matter how nice she made a horrible place sound, I wouldn't tell her how those lands really were, she never knew the hate and pain of the world. She only saw the beauty. That was one thing she taught me, "to savor the smallest of treasures", she would tell me while picking a flower from the field. Our time together was wonderful.

 Until one day when their brother bedded a god's wife while knowing who she was. It is one of the many crimes that will get your head cut off. The god's wife soon became pregnant. Tesy's brother didn't know the god was impotent, the wife and the god knew.

Once the wife started to show signs of being with child the god realized his wifes wrong doings. He confronted his wife, though she denied being willingly bedded, the god killed her then learning who was with her. To the god Tesy and her family were of lesser class then he. He believed their mixed blood was a reason for death.

 Learning that his wife was with someone and was with child, fathered by a being below him, he became furious  That god wanted Tesy's brother and their family dead, every last being with their blood, when only the brother was guilty. Tesy or Caryste never knew what their brother did with his time from training for battle. They couldn't have stopped him, so why put out a price on an innocent's head?

 The family, all but Tesy, feared for their lives while I tried to learn the plans of the god. Tesy stood by my side, knowing nothing of fighting, tried her best to help me. We thought we had it planned, the god's progress seemed to show he would attack four weeks from the day he murdered his wife. But we were wrong. There are just some things we couldn't predict, we underestimated the god. Our biggest mistake.

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