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Monday, November 1, 2010

Lets Talk About ME! This is my bio. (Prologue)

The name is Lily Phoenix Jade. Yes I'm a fallen angel from the Higher Realm, was a soldier angel made to protect the gods. I work for the loony Devil himself as an Exsyndi. The Lower realm is not so bad, and not so hot either. The job was okay but come with its own down side also. I police the lesser demons who stepped out of line in the Human world. During one of my patrols i was blindsided by one a demon who was not so much of a lesser demon. Demons have there own levels, a rouge demon of a higher level can recruit demons. Well she tried to recruit me. Long story short i was turned, made half fallen angel, half demon. In order to regain my freedom i had to take out my demon maker.

Even though i am well paid doing the little jobs by the devil i still work in the human world. I worked as a bar maid many times, a midwife, and many other things. I am currently an assassin working for a higher level demon trying to make things right... Well sort of. He likes to kill but he sends me out to kill the dirt bags of the world or to kill targets of well paying clients. I can kill in every way possible. Many targets are done "shadowed", meaning you will never know how they died.

I live on my own private island called Andisvita. Meaning Water of life in a language you will never know unless if you are from around my time. If you are then hit me up, I miss speaking in the old language, it would be nice to hold a conversation with some one in it for once after so many years.

I tend to be quiet blunt, some times i do get mad, but i try not to so i don't allow the demon half to show through. Now the demon is real pain in my... well you get the point. My demon half is also of the Timafost breed, the baddest of the bad and the oldest demon breed there is... Did i mention because of the demon in me i can shape shift? I can take form of any animal or person i would like, i love taking animal form but to shift into another person, nah, i prefer my own body.

Well this was meant to be shorter but i guess not. So come back again to read the story about how it all started... Or as i know it has started, that my loves will be a twist in my fate.

<3 Lily
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