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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Rise and Fall of the Warrior Angels of the Light - (Part 1)

 I was created by the gods to serve and protect them as a Warrior Angel of the High. I am of the third generation, the strongest, fastest, and the closest to perfecting the Warrior Angel they could get. It took them many years to create the third generation, there was nothing simple. They used the blood of the gods of beauty, war, wisdom and strength to make me, how, I have yet to learn. I have never understood why they created some thing with so much effort when to them all of us Warrior Angels are lesser and nothing, we are not worthy to have servants or to have any luxury like the gods. It seems so foolish.

 I was nothing but a pawn for them to use. I never had a choice in any thing. I would only obey what I was told, I knew nothing different. All I knew was to fight, kill, protect, obey, and die. Just an object they control. For me that's all I was, a minor worthless piece that can be thrown away and never thought about again. It didn't matter who I served, as long as I did it. It didn't matter if I died, as long as I saved who I served. Like I said, it seems so foolish that the gods themselves would create us and easily let us be disposed of when we are the ones keeping them alive.

 I served for many thousands of years until a kind hearted woman I have never known, and have never met since, gave me and the oldest Warrior Angels free will. No, this wasn't fully given free, we had a choice to make. Either live with out free will forever, or for one day, if we are ever called forth to serve the kind hearted woman or her kin for any thing, no questions asked and we couldn't tell the gods, we would have to keep it to ourselves. Only when the time was right for each of us we could break away from the gods. This woman offered us something forbidden to us by the gods. 

 If you are wondering how we made the choice, she allowed us a taste of free will for a short time. I would have to say, the taste of free will is there best thing ever, it was better then a breath of fresh air a beautiful spring day in the middle of a meadow of flowers, it was better then the finest bitter sweet taste of a well aged wine. It was pure irresistible. As it still is to this day. Many of us who accepted the free will have never taken advantage of it.

 Many of us made the deal, the others had their minds wiped clean from the memory of the kind hearted woman. The others and I who accepted learned to hide or new feelings, new ideas, new choices, every thing. I believe it brought us closer to one another. Until slowly one by one each of us found our way out. We rarely saw each other again, it was best we went out separate ways to keep the ones left behind safe from the fury of the gods. I stuck around a little longer then the rest, i was the last free willed Warrior Angels. I wanted to help protect the others who had no clue why our numbers have depleted. I alone witnessed the manipulation of the gods and the ignorant bliss of the other angels. 

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