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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Rise and Fall of the Warrior Angels of the Light - (Part 4)

 Weeks of Tesy and I sleeping under the stars in hidden areas, hiding from the god's men, Tesy started to realize the new changes in her life. She started to see the bad in the world, her eyes opened by pain and horror from her family's tragic slaying.

 I could sense she wanted blood for their deaths while she tried to stay strong, hiding her tears when ever she felt her loss. Each day I watched her grow stronger, she was no longer the innocent girl I once knew. She even asked me a few times to teach her how to fight.

 Every time she asked, I turned her down. I didn't want to see what little light that was left inside of her turned to darkness. She didn't deserve that life. She deserved the life she once had. The hardest thing was accepting I could never give her back that life. I did every thing I could to make her life simple and as it should have been. I would manage to do every thing.

She was who I should serve, so that's what I did, even while we argued that she no longer needed to be treated like a princess. I ignored her protests and continued to comfort her. I knew she deserved better. To have some thing better then living on the run from killers.

 One night after I set camp I went to hunt for food. We were some where in a wooded area close to the edge of open land. On our way to the camp site I made sure a village was near to get any odds and ends that were needed.

 Due to lack of income, I was unable to buy our own meat from a market. I came across some game after less then an hour. On the way back I picked up fire wood and rubbish to use for the fire, stopped at the market in the village to buy Tesy some spirits to take the edge off of her nerves.

 After almost and hour I came back to the camp site. I didn't see Tesy anywhere, I called for her thinking she walked off to find flowers or to use the bathroom. After I set the supplies and game down I continued to call for her. When i got closer to a big oak I could hear this strange muffled sound, then silence.

 I walked around the tree in a large circle, cautious of what i might come across. I found Tesy bound and gagged, stripped of all her clothing. She didn't move to looked up at me, but with the rising moon I could see the tears that were streaming down her cheeks. I stepped closer to her and noticed with the dim light from the moon she had dark patches along her skin. Once I was next to her I could see the patches were blood.

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