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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Rise and Fall of the Warrior Angels of the Light - (Part 3)

Late one night the god's men came to take claim the bounty on their own since Tesy's family was well respected, others wouldnt turn them over, so the god decided he couldnt wait for their deaths. I was awoken from a deep sleep when I heard the soft fall on stone caused by the men's boots out side the window. It sounded like a dozen or more in the courtyard trying to find a way in.

 I peeked out side to see my count was about right and estimated the time it would take to find a way in, then I ran to Tesy's room to wake her and have her come with me to get her sister. Time seemed to fly by as we made our way to Caryste's room, I told them it would be best to have closer rooms to each other, They were each on the opposite sides of the home. Hearing the men coming in  and making their way around the house we pushed on faster.

 When we got closer to Caryste's room, I could already tell we were too late, the tang of blood hung in the air like freshly baked bread. As we entered the room, they had slain her while she still slept, it took me a moment to shake off the shock and to turn a crying Tesy around, away from the gruesome scene before me.

 Standing Tesy against the wall I walked closer to the bed to see Caryste, her blood pooling on the satin covers from a body with out its head. I closed my eyes and said a little blessing, sending her to her after life then backed away.

  I half carried Tesy out and away from the home, as she sobbed against me, after searching the house for any other survivors. There were none, the family, guests, even the staff, all  massacred. I had to get her far away and safe. While out trying to find somewhere to hide I tried to block out the images burned into my brain from all the deaths that occurred in such a short time.

 I laid down on the ground after making a camp for us to sleep for a few hours and stared up at the fading stars, while my thoughts drifted. That horrible night I was only able to save Tesy. I realized that because of that free will i was once given i finally used it for some one other then the gods who hired me. I had made my life change in many ways. I knew nothing would be the same for Tesy or me again. Tesy would now have her eyes open to the world, the beauty she once saw, forever shattered.

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