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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Rise and Fall of the Warrior Angels of the Light - (Part 5)

The blood was fresh, and there was so much of it. The base of the tree and the ground was soaked with blood and she was laying in the biggest puddle of it. All the patches I saw on her skin was her blood from her wounds. She bleed so much. Her skin was a sharp contrast to the darkness of the blood. I whispered her name, hoping for a response. I never got one.

 That's when I realized I was to late. She had already died. If I would have made it to her sooner I could have saved her. She could still be alive. If i never had left her alone nothing would have happened to her. She wouldn't have felt humiliation and pain before her death. I should have protected her better. If I wasn't so worried about keeping her comfortable and focused on keeping her alive, her end wouldn't have came.

 I sank to my knees next to her, cradling her head in my lap, I removed the gag from her mouth. Her skin was already cool to the touch. Who ever killed her must have done it soon after I left the camp. I untied the ropes that held her and pulled off my jacket to cover her. I stayed there, holding her for what felt like eternity as I cried for her to return to me then mourned her death.

Countless times I thought of ways I could have prevented this, but I knew I would have never been able to. I didn't know who killed her but who ever it was raped, beat her and left gaping holes in her body, the highest form of degradation. Who ever killed her was going to die, even if I had to kill hundreds to kill this person, I will have take Tesy's death as a sign of war, a battle I knew I would die trying to win.

 I let her get to close to me, I should have never felt those human emotions, the happiness caused from walking and talking to her. And the pain caused from her death. All because of the kind hearted woman's gift, my life was forever changed. My free will was leading me to death because on that night I went to look for the god who sought to killed her, her innocent sister and their family, I planed to take his life from him.

If I survived i would properly bury Tesy, take her back to her home, and bury her near the flowers she loved. That would be the next day, for that night was going to be of death. I was seeing red as I gathered my energies to take me to the Higher Realm. Walking up the golden steps to the temple I took out my katana and readied my self to fight. Through the doors I could see the throne room was full of the gods and goddesses, I was out numbered, but I continued with my plan.

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