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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Rise and Fall of the Warrior Angels of the Light - (Part 6)

 I slowly walked up to the arched gold doorway, my sword down by my side as I glance around the room and seeing worried, confused looks for all the gods and goddesses I thought I always knew. The ones I'm told created me. All of their eyes leading to me. I wasn't sure what to make out of the situation. My body and mind fueled by pain and anger, I walked deeper into the room.

 I stepped into the middle of the throne room in front of all the gods. I stood there silent, watching and waiting, wondering who will make the first move. After a few moments of cautious silence a goddess stood up slowly as if her back pained her. I have seen this goddess many of times, I knew her fairly well but I still watched her carefully. She glanced around before setting her eyes upon me.

 "My dear child, what has brought you forth?", lifting her chin high and clenching her jaw as she looked down at me. "Why are you not with your charges? They should be protected."

 Not knowing what to make of her questions I stayed silent as I focused in on the fragmented thoughts of her and the others. I could only get make from their minds is they don't believe I understand what has happened. They thought I only ran with Tesy to safe her from people wanting her powers, not from a god who ordered her death. With their thoughts I realized they didn't know why I would be here, other to report in. Smiling to my self as I understood they didn't know of my free will, I was not a threat to them.

 "My charges were savagely killed, My Lady, I tried to save them," I lowered my self on one knee, giving the illusion that i was using my sword to hold my weight. "But I failed. My charges and their family are dead."
 "Do you know who killed them, Warrior?" She asked, squaring her shoulders, pride was drifting from her pores, she believe they were safe from the murders. "Are you here to seek a new charge, or to ask to hunt their executioners?"
 Ignoring her first question I looked up at her, letting the fury show. "I am here to hunt, My Lady. Ever soul involved in their deaths will die by my sword."
 "I will grant you the will to hunt... Only if you know who killed them." She looked around the room, her eyes glittering, believing no harm will come to her.
 "I know who their executioners are, My Lady." I stood slowly.
 Her head snapped back to look at me, her face stern. "Who are they, My child?"
"You. You killed them. All off you" I laughed sadly, crazy is what I thought.

 I readied my stance as I stared back at the goddess, my chin high, just as my sword. I was ready for them. After grinning big at the goddess I looked around at all the others in the room. I knew I would not survive this battle, but I planned to take as many to the Lower realm with me as I could. I faced the standing goddess, she was already holding her sword. I felt the air thicken with power as others manifested their weapons and magic. Licking my suddenly dry lips, I prepared my self to die.

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