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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Darkness in the Light of The Way - ( Part 1 )

 I awoken in a cave in the Middle Realm, or as others will call it, Earth. The cave I was in seemed to have never been touched by human hands. I didnt know the name of the cave. From what I have learned is, it is now called Cueva del Fantasma, "The cave of the ghost", somewhere in Venezuela.

 I could understand why it had its name. There was this ghostly feeling to it. There were sounds I couldnt find the source of. Though I couldnt see a way out, I would feel hot and cold air brush against my skin. Shadows slightly moved around with out light. I was sure I was not alone, their was some one else here.

 I turned my head to look around. My head pounding like my heart was moved to my skull, body aching with a pain I have never known in my existence. I tried to push my self up from the cold wet ground, barely having the strength to do so. I was only able to prop my self up on one arm. I tried to use my powers to take me back to the throne room but my powers no longer worked.

 I laid back against the floor, crying silently. With out my powers I was nothing, was not a warrior, was not even an angel. I fell from the Higher Realm. At that point I hated myself for my mistakes. I should never have accepted free will, nor should I have allowed myself to get close to Tesy and her family.

 I stayed in the cave for days not knowing what to do feeling broken with out Tesy and my powers. Even while my body healed at a slower rate then I was used to I was thinking of ways to live in the human world, I knew nothing of their kind.

 After a week or so I started moving around more. I was able to move my legs and arms again. Standing myself I went and searched for water, needing to wash the blood off from the battle with the gods. I needed to find a way back to the gods, the fight was not over. They may have left me to die, but without them dying by my side I will live. I waited for the day to return to them.

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